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Our Work



Community Garden

HELM foundation, is building community gardens through partnership with city of Aurora park district leadership with the goal to cultivate organic vegetables and promote healthy living. With the help of a number of volunteers from local organizations, we cultivate a wide range of organic vegetables, leafy greens and some fruits. The produce from the community garden are donated to local food banks and also shared with individuals who are in need to ensure that people have access to healthy and organic food. Please click here if you wish to volunteer!


Community Cooking Classes 

HELM Foundation hosts a series of free cooking workshops led by professional chefs to educate individuals to prepare well balanced meals easily and in a cost effective way. During these interactive workshops, the participants learn about innovative and easy recipes for making nutritious meals. The chefs offer guidance on meal planning using accessible and budget friendly ingredients, tips on ingredient selection and demonstrate step by step cooking process for selected meals. Please click here if you are interested in joining one of our upcoming cooking sessions. 

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Building a Healthier Tomorrow

Through the healthy living program, “Building a Healthier Tomorrow,” weI educate students, especially in underserved communities, to follow a healthy lifestyle based on the concept of Microbiomes, the role that microbes play in the causation and progression of certain diseases, including cancer, IBDs, diabetes, etc., and how taking care of our microbiome can have a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being. A key factor to a well-balanced microbiome profile is a healthy diet, which is usually overlooked during the teenage years. It is often deemed acceptable to eat indiscriminately at a younger age, though nutrition is needed in abundance to help with growth. Also, the habits picked up during teenage will stay with people even during adulthood. Precisely, why, my workshops are more focused on teens and young adults. Visit to book a workshop or click the button below. All proceeds from speaking assignments are donated to HELM Foundation. 

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